Previewing A Week And A Half

Good morning and welcome to a slightly peculiar blog. It’s a bit peculiar because its got quite a bit of ground to cover, not necessarily because there’s so much going on at the moment but because, well, it’s going to have to last a while. 

Basically I have reached what might be referred to as “that” time of year in my studies where there is simply so much to do that I know what I’m doing with every single hour of every single day until the end of next week. Although there are times during the year when it gets hectic between my full time degree, my full time job and everything else, this is the time of year when frankly it all hits the fan.

Fortunately, I have a plan. I have holiday from work coming up in the crucial final week next week and I have my other commitments down to a minimum. However the fact is that I have to find more time particularly this week to get stuff done, and as a result I’ve decided to take the longest break that I will have taken from writing this blog since I started a couple of years ago.

Now, by no means is this an end to regular publishing of the blog, it is very much a temporary and necessary measure based on the fact that the hour or so that I spend writing it in a day simply has to be reallocated to getting the crucial work done. Ironically, next term at university I have two exams that won’t be as much hassle as the work that I’m presently facing. So, as long as we’re clear that this is a temporary and necessary break I guess we can go on to Arsenal related stuff.

Now, I’ll be returning next weekend, just before we play Manchester City in what has to be regarded as something of a big match but in the meantime we’ve got a less daunting but no less crucial task to fulfil against QPR at Loftus Road. Of course its that time of year when the worst teams in the league can become unpredictable to play as they resist the tentacles of relegation.

Being a club which contains both Joey Barton and Mark Hughes, it cannot be understated that QPR are tossers of the highest order. Unlike Norwich and Swansea they’ve come up to the Premier League and added precisely nothing to it but another dull and shit team. Relegation would be a richly deserved fate for them, but to be honest as long as we beat them on Saturday I can’t say their ultimate fate bothers me.

We’re on our best league from for almost five years, which if you’re QPR is not really what you want to be facing at this point in their situation. We carry the momentum, the confidence and the quality going into this game as well as a need for points just as great as QPR’s. It’s been good to see since we arrived in third place in the league that nobody from the team that’s spoken publicly from the team has seemed to treat what has been accomplished as “job done” as it were. Staying third will be an even bigger task then getting there in the first place and there are tough tasks to come.

Nigel Winterburn believes that the confidence that now exists in Arsenal’s squad is the crucial factor in our much improved form. The former defender said,

“I think it is sometimes hard for the supporters to understand how big a part confidence plays in a player. You need great mental strength as well and I think the team has showed that.

“After AC Milan the players were low and they would have had to dig deep because they had some severe criticism. But recently they have shown great desire to get back into that top four and put a run of results together.

Much as the term “mental strength” has come to be regarded with a degree of suspicion by Arsenal fans, it is the term that fits here. The squad has shown, repeatedly, great mental strength in the last few weeks to come back from difficult situations and that’s been great to see. The question is, how will they respond now if a result does not go our way? To me the prospect of a setback is a crucial factor in whether we deliver the strong finish to our league campaign that it looks like we might.

This weekend throws up some interesting situations. After their exertions in Portugal last night, Chelsea will have to rally themselves for a trip to Villa Park, although our recent experience with Aston Villa seems to suggest they might have nothing to worry about, whilst Spurs will play Swansea at home but not until Sunday which means we have the opportunity to put six points between them and us, if only for 24 hours. As we all know, Spurs’ ability to deal with pressure is hardly renowned. Swansea’s away record is a bit dire but we know that they’re a hard working, talented team with a good manager and should Spurs not be at it on Sunday then they could easily come unstuck.

So those are the permutations this weekend, I’m now taking myself off to a shocking essay on the economic history of Britain which is exactly the sort of crap I’m going to buried under for the next little while. Apologies for the forthcoming interruption in service, but it really is necessary, in the meantime have a good one and I will return in all my glory (or something) before the Man City game.

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  • jamrockrover  On 30/03/2012 at 4:37 pm

    Good luck with all the college work and I hope it pays off.

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