Drink + Blog = Bad Blog

Look, its like this. If I have to work in the morning I quite often write the bulk of a blog on the night beforehand. And mostly this is a quite effective policy, it means I don’t have to rise at a truly unpleasant hour and rouse myself to do work that needn’t be done at ridiculous o’clock in the morning.

However, sometimes I come unstuck and mostly its because of times like right now. You see what is going on right now is that it is the night before work and frankly you might say that I have ingested an alcoholic beverage this evening. And you know, that’s fine because mine is a job that I know well enough that I only really need to turn up in body in order to do it effectively.

But nonetheless it doesn’t bode well for the coherence of this blog. For one thing it might be difficult to keep in mind exactly what it is I’m talking about. For example I’m fairly certain that I want to say something about Arsene Wenger talking about what irredeemable cunts UEFA are. But you see he didn’t say that exactly. But I feel like he did because he did say,

“I keep my line of conduct until the end as ‘no comment’. But I think I’m quite surprised, I’ve played 200 European Cup games and the situation is becoming a little bit surprising.”

I only notice now that I haven’t mentioned that what the manager is talking about is his charge from UEFA of upsetting their little flower that reffed the game between us and Milan the other night. I think we can all agree that UEFA are cunts as far as that is concerned. Because let’s face it, what else could they be? Their man gives everything Milan’s way because they fell over a lot and our manager gets the stick for remarking on this? Fucking hell. Ironclad cunts if ever there were some.

If I’d have been in charge of the case at UEFA I’d have considered it in the following terms:

1) The referee for the match in question was a mind-boggling cunt

2) Therefore its quite acceptable for someone to level a load at abuse at him.

3) Therefore charging anyone is clearly the stupidest decision ever taken by a human being in the 21st Century and need I remind you that Jedward have already been allowed to rise to prominence since this century began.

Now I realise I may not be making the most intellectual of points but thats the kind of night I’m having. Earlier I was in a heated debate on the subject of whether or not a prostate gland proves the existence of God. I can’t quite remember what we decided.

Arsene Wenger says we’re quite good. And that must be true because we’re the Arsenal. The rest of them might all be cunts but we are Arsenal and that means you have to root for us because otherwise we’ll be stuck with the other cunts. As true as that may be I’m not sure that’s what the manager was getting at. I think what he meant is that when we’re on form we’re unplayable. Better make sure we’re on form then.

Now then, as I said at some point or another its a big weekend. Whats-their-names play Stoke at home whilst Spurs face a trip to Everton. Bad results for one or either means a big opportunity for us on Monday, so lets hope for that.

Now, I fear I must cut things short because the novelty of me being smashed might wear off soon if it hasn’t already. Have a good day and spare a thought for me stuck at work with what I’m fairly sure is going to be a horrendous hangover.

Later, fellow Gooners.

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